Alexx Calise Cryтанец Мэдди "Плачу"-Мамы в Танце

сериал мамы в танце

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Исполнитель: Alexx Calise

Название песни: Cry(танец Мэдди "Плачу"-Мамы в Танце)

Продолжительность mp3: 03:12

Дата добавления: 2015-03-22

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Текст песни:

Well I guess it’s been a while
Since I’ve seen the sunshine
Since I have smiled
And me, who’s so well versed
Is feeling so damn empty
Is at a loss for words
Forgot what it’s like
To just to feel okay
I’m praying for the day
When there is no more rain
And I don’t wanna do anything but cry
Well I hardly feel alive
I’m going through the motions
But I don’t feel like trying
The hole in my heart is growing bigger by the day
I wish that I could crawl inside
Hide away
Oh, I’m so low
I’m almost to the bottom
And oh, nowhere to go
Even my soul has left my body

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